Our Trainings

Ruth’s List Florida Action holds training sessions on a rolling basis. Join our email list to be notified about upcoming trainings.

2024 Training Schedule

6/13: Comms and Storytelling 

Develop your communication skills, learn how to craft compelling narratives, and effectively share your message with voters.

6/27: Press and Editorial Boards 

Gain insights into engaging with the media, building relationships with editorial boards, and securing positive press coverage and earned media. This training will also help you prepare for editorial board interviews and confidently message your platform to journalists.

7/11: Field 

Learn how to recruit and manage a volunteer team, create a direct voter contact plan, and how to find your win number.

7/25: Getting Out the Vote (GOTV) 

Get Out The Vote! Learn proven tactics to maximize voter turnout and propel your campaign to the finish line.

9/12: I Won, Now What? 

Congrats! You’ve made it through your primary election, and now we’re on to the general. Build the skills that take you from an August to November win.

10/10: Messaging Discipline

Learn to create and stick to a message that builds your November win! Stay tuned for special guests.