Birdsong plans to run against Hagan again for Hillsborough Commission

The Democrat from Carrollwood did better than expected the last time she challenged Hagan.

Angela Birdsong, a Democrat who ran more strongly than expected against a well-financed incumbent in 2018, filed paperwork on Friday to challenge Republican Hillsborough County Commissioner Ken Hagan again this year in the newly remapped commission District 2.

In 2018, Birdsong, then a first-time candidate for office, lost to Hagan by less than 5 percent, even though Hagan outspent her by about $470,000 to $33,846.

Backed by the Democratic women’s organization Ruth’s List, Birdsong ran a liberal, populist campaign, accusing Hagan of being wedded to developers and wealthy corporate interests. She criticized his work to build a new stadium in Tampa for the Tampa Bay Rays, saying public money shouldn’t be spent on a sports stadium.

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