Herald-Tribune: “Thursday’s letters: Insensitivity to North Port, shameful vitriol, personal responsibility”

Columnist wrong to insult North Port

In reference to Chris Anderson’s column Sept. 30 about the treatment of Brian Laundrie’s parents by a few people, I was appalled by his categorical demonization of the entire city of North Port (“Knock it off North Port, stop grandstanding at the Laundrie home”).

Quoting Anderson: “. . . this is still, well, North Port, Sarasota’s trashy neighbor to the south with a weight set in the driveway and its car up on blocks.” Maybe he’s neither a fitness buff nor good at fixing cars.

Although the Herald-Tribune has never publicly stated its formal mission statement that I’m aware of, I know that many of its former editors openly stated that their objective was to help build consensus in our communities for a common good.

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