A Critical Run-Off in Miami-Dade for Leanne Tellam

This election season isn’t over yetLeanne Tellam is the ONLY Ruth’s List-endorsed candidate headed to a December run-off, and she needs your help. A mediator, mom, litigator, and longtime community volunteer, Leanne is running to serve as Palmetto Bay’s next Vice Mayor.

Leanne would mark Ruth’s List’s 200th win since our founding! Her race is just 15 days away. Donate TODAY to ensure she crosses the finish line on December 1st.

“I want to continue to preserve neighborhoods for the generations that come after us. If voters feel the same way and want someone to represent them, vote for me. If not, outside interests will take this position.”. Tellam wants to represent the residents, not just special interest groups. “The developers most certainly have their candidate, and they’ve been supporting him,”    Read more from Miami Herald here.