Ruth’s List Postcard Program to Move Florida Forward

Thank you for writing postcards to help advance our mission.

Our goal is to mobilize voters in the 2020 election.

Voters who receive handwritten postcards are significantly more likely to vote. We developed this program based on national trends, best practices and anticipated outcomes.

The key to our success? You! And perhaps a few friends.

Questions? No problem. Email Ruth List’s Becca Tieder for answers!


Please write this message:

Change Tallahassee! Patricia Sigman is running for the State Senate and YOUR VOTE can help her get elected!  Make a plan to vote for Patricia Sigman and send an email to if you need more information.

Remember, leave enough room for the address (lower right) and to add your .35 cent stamp to the top right corner.

 A few important instructions: 

  • Address the card on the lower right, including the voter’s full name.
  • Check off each voter in the “complete” column on the address sheet.
  • Don’t include a return address
  • You provide the .35 postcard stamps (put on the top right). Ordering stamps at is easiest (get them EARLY). 
  • Take a photo of you completing them and/or mailing them and tag @ruthslistfl or email the photos to Ruth’s List may use your photo to publicize the project.  Your actions will inspire others. 
  • Once complete, give yourself a high five and please accept our sincere thanks. 


Please mail these postcards on Monday, October 5th.  IT IS IMPORTANT to observe this mailing date.

All our targeted voters will receive their postcard as their ballots become available.

Please do not mail the postcards earlier, as they will be less effective at increasing turnout.

Want to do more? Thanks, we appreciate you! Sponsor a postcard participant or order more postcards by visiting Ruth’s List to make a donation or email Becca Tieder for more postcards.


Paid for by Ruth’s List Florida, Inc.

Contributions are not tax deductible.