Message From Anna Prizzia


August 12–

Election day is coming closer and closer!

Many of us are fighting hard to win, and towards the end is also when the ugliness comes out, which is why I need your help.

When I first thought about running for County Commission, my mentors warned me about the potential of dirty tricks during campaigns. I knew the stories and I saw everything that Hillary Clinton went through, but I hoped that it wouldn’t be an issue for me. Unfortunately, in the past few weeks it has reared its ugly head.

A PAC formed with the sole purpose of keeping me from getting elected.

Ugly social media posts with blatant lies and poorly designed memes have become a source of humor for me, my friends, and family, but the reality is this is not funny. While I’m capable of laughing off the constant lies, I know that this is why women don’t run. When I talk to other women about running, I don’t want them to think about the ugly photoshopped photos or distorted messages, but I have to be honest about how it will be. And it’s not fun, it’s not pretty, and, honestly, some days it feels hard for me to encourage other women to run.

Luckily, I was introduced to Ruth’s List. The support and strength they provide for women like me. to run and win, has been invaluable. They give women candidates the tools to fight back and the confidence to laugh off the silly last minute negative flood as we head into election day. It’s because of them that I’m still excited. They remind me about the reasons I am running and the possibility of a future where women can lead without explaining why people should vote for the “woman candidate.”

I want to run because I see things in my community that need changing, and I know that my experience, talent, and hard work can help be part of that change. I know that is bigger than internet memes, cruel lies, and anything else that they can throw at me.

So bring it on. Because of the Ruth’s List organization, I know I have more than bad memes to fight for. 

If you want to learn more about me or my campaign, please visit

Anna Prizzia
Candidate for Gainesville City Commission, Seat 3
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