President Barbara Zdravecky reports it is “… an honor and privilege to serve Ruth’s List Florida”

Dear Ruth’s List Florida supporters, candidates, and donors: 

As I wrap up my first month as Interim CEO of Ruth’s List Florida (RLF), I would like to take this opportunity to share all that we have been doing to ensure positive outcomes for Floridians in November.  During my transition, I have been delighted to engage with many of our 82 endorsed candidates, discuss organizational priorities with our 15 Board Members, and work alongside our smart and capable staff.  These myriad conversations have not only provided me with optimism regarding our chances in November, but insight into what it will take from all of us to claim victory.

Meanwhile, during this same month, Florida Republicans have allowed COVID-19 cases to surge dramatically, mandated school openings in the fall despite public health concerns, and pushed forward an abortion law requiring parental consent for minors. 

It has been quite a month. 

You can rest assured, however, that Ruth’s List Florida will continue to work to set our candidates up for success in November and ensure a better future for Floridans everywhere.  We hope that you will also do your part by:

It has been an honor and privilege to serve Ruth’s List Florida this past month, and I look forward to leading us to victory in November.


Barbara Zdravecky 

Interim CEO Ruth’s List Fl