Honor a woman who mothered you.

This week we celebrate mothers. 

A woman’s singular role that only she can claim. And that all of us have been influenced by. My mother worked at home.  She sewed my clothes. She cooked.  She balanced the checkbook and paid the bills. She taught me how to be gracious.   A lady.  Etiquette.

She also taught me how to be strong.  Until the day she died, no matter the situation, when I asked her how she was doing, her reply was,” I’m fine.  And so lucky.  I love you so much. “ She wore her Revlon Lilac Champagne lipstick every day as warrior paint. And a spritz of White Shoulders cologne as her pepper spray.

My mother never ran a business.  She ran a family.
My mother never testified before a government committee. She gave testimony to her family and friends daily.
My mother never was a marcher. But she baked a cake for the first black family that moved in our neighborhood and brought me along to deliver the welcome gift.

My mother didn’t burn her bra.  She wore one every day.  And was proud she had the breasts to fill it.
My mother was 45 when she became pregnant with me.
She had no choice.  She knew the risks.  But she took me for birth control in the 70’s when I told her I needed it.
She put a cool towel on my head in fevered fits of tonsillitis.  And she mixed me whiskey and honey for my fevered throat.

My mother was a Republican.  And she voted every election. She voted for her beliefs in the 50’s and 60’s , 70’s. She cried uncontrollably the day JFK was assassinated. I was in the second grade  And recall it clearly. She died in 1982.

Her daughter is a proud Democrat.  Working to get like minded women elected to office.  She ran a corporation. She’s testified countless times.  She fights for human rights and especially women’s equal rights.
Most of all, she’s her mother’s daughter.

Please share thoughts about your mother with us as we make a compilation this week and publish it on Sunday as a tribute.

And, please.  Help us get more Democratic pro choice women elected to office.  Our candidates need your help. Women still only claim 24 percent of that responsibility and voice  in our country.

Please donate here to change that. I promise: #shesthechange. Ruth’s List is working everyday , standing on the shoulders of moms everywhere, to make that happen.

Socially distant, but running closer than ever with you.



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