Twenty years of Republican rule… how’s it working out?

Dear All,

We will remember this time for the rest of our lives. I hope you are staying safe during this difficult time and keeping both physically and mentally healthy.  Our sympathies to those dealing with ailing friends and family.

We understand we are likely not your priority right now.  But please stick with me. Because we can help.

Ruth’s List Florida is talking daily with our candidates. Our supporters. Our staff. We all need that personal connection in times like these. We hosted our first virtual Happy Hour last Friday to connect and share thoughts. We will be hosting virtual trainings for candidates and staff coming up. And we are happy to be providing platforms for our endorsed candidates to connect with supporters.

Our staff and leadership board are strategizing daily how to remake our business model to provide as much engagement and support for our candidates as possible.  And we are laser-focused on our mission.

While all this mayhem is going on in the country, our state legislative elected officials were wrapping up session; where attacks on women’s choice, healthcare, education and the environment continued. We thank our women legislators for fighting a good fight. But sadly, they are outnumbered and have been for twenty years. This must change!

It has also become apparent the importance of local governments and school boards as they continue to make key decisions affecting our everyday lives. With no clear direction from federal or state Republican majority leadership, our city and county electeds are becoming the front-line voice and action in Florida.  That is why we need your help to elect pro-choice democratic women to office at all levels. Legislative, county and city commissions and school boards. The one tenant they share is compassion for all constituents. Their desire and strategic ability to move forward in assisting us all. We have the candidates …but we need your support.

With our candidates practicing social distancing and the threat of government-sanctioned quarantine looming, democratic candidates are at a distinct disadvantage now more than ever.  Republicans have the ability to outraise us 7 to 1. Now that they cannot rely on in-person contact, the fundraising gap will become an even greater deciding factor in this election.

But you can help make the difference.

They need money to reach voters with their message. That is the best thing you can do to help them get elected and change Florida to a state that deals with issues from a place of intelligence, compassion, and with expediency.

And now you can DOUBLE the impact of your latest gift to Ruth’s List. Yes.   Now. 

We have an anonymous donor who is willing to match all support we bring in throughout the next week, dollar for dollar.  That’s right. Double your support!

You can donate online here and help be the change in this year’s election. What we are facing today in our own communities is the result of 20 years of Republican rule. How’s that working out for us? Without dedicated supporters like you, we wouldn’t be able to achieve our goal to get pro-choice women in office and leading this state at all levels of our government, with intelligence, compassion and competence for all.

Socially distant but running closer than ever with you,

Pam Goodman