Wise Women Wednesday- March 18

The news of the coronavirus has moved us all into action.

As frightening as the COVID 19 outbreak is and as seriously as we are taking it here at Ruth’s List Florida, we want to do our part to dispel some of the confusion and misinformation surrounding the virus.

Wednesday, March 18th at 10:00 AM EDT, we will hold a “Wise Women Wednesday” webinar featuring Dr. Kayser EnnekingBarbara Zdravecky, Karla Hernández-Mats, with an introduction by The Honorable Alex Sink.

This webinar is designed to help educate our members and the public on the virus, general health care and public safety, the impact on our schools, our children and our families. These women of Ruth’s List Florida will provide accurate, timely and important information and we will provide this webinar as a public service and at no charge.

Our Wise Women Wednesday event is open to anyone seeking critical information on the outbreak.

Additionally, there will be an opportunity to submit questions in both English and Spanish during the webinar. For those unable to view it live, we will post the webinar on our website, shortly following its conclusion. 

Please register here to get login information for the special event and because of the urgent nature of this issue, please share this free, highly informative webinar with all friends, family and loved ones across the globe.

Join us for information that will help assuage some of your fears.