Why Should You attend Ruth’s List Conference: #ShestheChange

ROI (Return On Investment) for why you should attend

Ruth’s List Conference, #ShesTheChange

Februry 29— In the 12 years since our founding, RLF has built a remarkable community of public servants, thought leaders, activists, allies, volunteers, donors and leaders. Since 2008 we have become the largest statewide organization that works to recruit, train and elect progressive pro-choice women.

Time is valuable so here are 12 good reasons why you should attend:

1. Be inspired by women who are national leaders in the democratic party.
2. Meet like-minded progressives who are working towards a brighter future for all Floridians.
3. Eat, drink, connect, repeat.
4. Learn the ins and outs of what you need to run for office.
5. Unstructured conversations, poolside-cocktails optional.
6. Grow your personal network of business leaders, elected officials, activists and candidates.
7. Build your tool kit and ignite your passion at breakout sessions and top-notch trainings.
8. Fuel yourself with positive and pragmatic ideas for 2020.
9. Learn how to build your local RLF network.
10. Inspire others in your life to engage in the political process and create new opportunities for future generations.
11. Because being together is better than reading our social feeds in our pajamas.
12. For her. For all the young women in our lives who need us to hand them a state government that offers them equity, opportunity and equality.

Looking forward to seeing you there to share in this awesome experience!
Always running with you,
Pam Goodman