Senator Arthenia Joyner Honored for 50 years of Serving Florida

Monday night Senator Arthenia Joyner RLF Board Chair, was honored for her phenomenal 50 years serving Florida as an attorney and an elected official.
There’s no doubt She’s been The Change in Florida for a long time! 
She began her career as the first black woman sworn into the Florida Bar from Hillsborough County in 1950.  Women in our state and country stand on her shoulders daily as a trail blazing icon who is still making a difference daily as a public servant.  Hundreds gathered last evening in Tampa to recognize her groundbreaking achievements. 
Senator Joyner said of the celebration “I’m deeply honored by the recognition of my 50 years of service. But I’m equally honored to be part of the monumental change that these 50 years represent.  My legal practice began in the shadow of Jim Crow, and a time when few would hire a black attorney, let alone a black woman attorney. Today, black women, and women of all colors, are making their mark not only in law, but in medicine, business, politics, and other professions. We have arrived.” 

“The challenge is to safeguard these accomplishments, to ensure that our rights are never denied, and never eroded. We owe this to the generations that came before us, and the generations to follow. And, as women, we owe it to ourselves.”

Thank you Arthenia for your 50 years of service.  You paved the way for the women Ruth’s List Florida was built to uplift. 
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Thank you Honorable Joyner!
We stand with you always.