We are on a ROLL

November 15— This week has been busy for Pam Goodman, who’s on the road with the relentless Ruth’s List Staff for multiple successful events.

We put over 1000 miles on our cars, trained over 50 women met with hundreds and somehow found time to raise $60,000 towards our $200,000 end of the year goal.

On Tuesday we had a lovely Central Florida SWAT event where the local candidates introduced themselves and spoke to a crowded room of nearly one hundred supporters. The candidates included:

Deb Barra, for State Attorney in the 9th Judicial Circuit;
Pasha Baker, House District 28;
Tracey Kagan, House District 29;
Barbara Cady, House District 42;
Moira Dictor, Seminole County Tax Collector;
Deborah Poulalion, Seminole County Supervisor of Elections;
Pamela Lynch, Seminole County Commission District 5.

The room was full of support for Ruth’s List and all of the candidates.  The event was a great success and captured a lot of enthusiasm and donations!  But we need more to propel us into 2020 with clear paths to victory for our women!

Please help us end this year strong by Donating Here.

Still on the road, Wednesday night we traveled to Palm Beach County, our newest SWAT group, where we hosted a “You Should Run” training engaging many new women who have already filed to run or are serious future contenders.  And some future campaign staffers.   We are on a roll.  It was a huge hit and there is no doubt that we will be seeing those ladies on the campaign trail.

Coming up in December we have several holiday parties, the dates are as follows:

We will be using the Orlando party as a vehicle for a stocking stuffer drive to benefit, The Foundation for Foster Care Children.  Gifts may include candy, small toys, earbuds for teens, etc.
Also, our political powerhouse duo Kate Coyne-McCoy and Laura Hernandez will be leading a finance training in Miami on the December 11.