The Parental Consent Bill (HB 265) is BACK

The Parental Consent bill (HB 265) is back, and in the House Health and Human Services Committee, set for hearing next Tuesday afternoon, October 22.

It is more important now then ever before to put energy and resources into electing pro-choice, progressive women at all levels of office!

Why is it important for pro-choice women to be in the House and Senate?

Because our House Representatives and Senators are in the Tallahassee trenches, not only fighting anti-choice bills, but also writing and advocating for progressive pro-choice policies.

Why is it important for pro-choice women to serve as State Attorneys?

When the legislature fails, our State Attorneys are at the front lines of battle. Take Georgia for example. When Brian Kemp signed the “Heartbeat Bill” into law, four of Georgia’s District Attorneys declared that they would not prosecute individuals pursuant to that bill.

We’re calling you to action. We need to flood calls to the representatives targeted below from right now through Tuesday. We’ve made it easier to do by providing telephone numbers and simple”call script” but you are welcome to use a few choice words of your own. 
“Hi, my name is  _________  and I am calling to ask Representative  _______  to please VOTE NO on HB 265. This bill would hurt young people who already face obstacles to care and put those young people in further jeopardy.”

a.      Chair Ray Rodrigues: (850) 717-5076

b.      Representative Colleen Burton(850) 717-5040

c.      Representative Nick DiCeglie: (850) 717-5066 

d.      Representative Michael Grant:  (850) 717-5075 

e.      Representative Thomas “Tom” Leek: (850) 717-5025 

f.       Representative MaryLynn Magar: (850) 717-5082 

g.      Representative Scott Plakon: (850) 717-5029 

h.      Representative Mel Ponder: (850) 717-5004 

i.       Representative Spencer Roach:  (850) 717-5079

j.       Representative Cyndi Stevenson: (850) 717-5017 

K.     Representative Clay Yarborough: (850) 717-5012

Also, if you are in the Tallahassee area and wish to testify against HB 265 please contact: Laura Hernandez.

Ruth’s List is currently engaged with over 150 women throughout the state who are interested in or are running for office, up and down the ballot. We need YOUR help to elect them.

An anonymous donor has offered to match donations up to $10,000 to insure our 19 legislative incumbents stay in Tallahassee fighting this fight and to get more women elected to fight this crucial fight with them.

Please contribute today and help strengthen and multiply our voices.  

Call, Sign, Advocate, Donate!