Ruth’s List Florida Announces Legislative Endorsements

Press Release- Contact: Pamela Goodman, CEO/President, Ruth’s List Florida 561-843-1233

Florida’s Largest PAC for Women Supports 19 Pro-choice Incumbents

Tampa- Ruth’s List Florida announced today 19 endorsements for pro-choice Democratic candidates seeking re-election. “Ruth’s List is proud to lend its sought after “seal of approval”to an incredible group of pro-choice Democratic women seeking re-election to state legislative offices. These legislators are the front-line fighters on issues that matter most to Florida families: womens reproductive choice, health care, education and protecting Florida’senvironment. Our endorsed legislators are essential to turning back the clock on 20 years ofRepublican rule in Tallahassee.” Said Pamela Goodman, CEO/President of RLF. “ Each of these women is a leader and trailblazer in her own right. Individually, they are changing their communities. Collectively, they are changing our state and our nation.”

Ruth’s List Florida, founded in 2008, has raised over 5 million dollars, trained more than 1800 women candidates, and helped with the victories of 119 women at the state and local levels across Florida. In order to receive the coveted endorsement women must be pro-choice and running on the Democratic ticket.

The incumbents that are running for re election and receiving RLF endorsement are:

Senator Linda Stewart Senate District 13
Senator Lori Berman Senate District31

Representative Tracie Davis House District 13
Representative Joy Goff-Marcil House District 30
Representative Geraldine Thompson House District 44
Representative Kamia Brown House District 45
Representative Anna Eskamani House District 47
Representative Amy Mercado House District 48
Representative Dianne Hart House District 61
Representative Susan Valdes House District 62
Representative Fentrice Driskell House District 63
Representative Jennifer Webb House District 69
Representative Tina Polsky House District 81
Representative Delores Johnson House District 84
Representative Emily Slosberg House District 91
Representative Patricia Hawkins-Williams House Distric 92
Representative Kristin Jacobs House District 96
Representative Cindy Polo House District 103
Representative Dotie Joseph House District 108