Positive Energy Was Radiating From Winter Park Wednesday Night

With over 80 people in attendance, we had a powerful, diverse group of people at our Ruth’s List Florida event.

The outcome was new ideas, new connections, and new introductions…  plus we raised nearly $20,000!

We are dedicated to building a progressive Florida by recruiting exemplary Democratic women and helping them win elections to key state and local positions around Florida. Training, campaign assistance, fundraising, and a network of members offering their skills, time, and finances all help to assure that these Ruth’s List women will triumph.

Of course Ruth’s List isn’t just about the dollars we raise. It’s about the grassroots community supporting pro-choice Democratic women across Florida. The smoke-filled backrooms of “good ol’ boys” strategizing over political campaigns is DONE. Our future lies in women and men getting together, listening to new ideas and directions, and having the vision and resources to back candidates who will be the change we want to see.

We proved that in Winter Park. And we’re going to keep proving it as we tour the state to rally Ruth’s List supporters from Pensacola to Jacksonville, Tampa to Miami. It isn’t just the year or the decade of the woman. We are a movement.

Here are photos from Wednesday. See what the future of change in Florida looks like.
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2020 is just around the corner.

Check out the photos below.