From Jennifer Webb, House District 69

I lost. But only once. It took me just one election in 2016 to come back in 2018 and add to my resume the title of Winning Candidate and Leading Legislator!

Ruth’s List Florida got me there.

As a community-engaged research scientist, I measured the many ways that my community and families across the Tampa Bay were struggling despite the economic boom. I studied the impacts from one year to the next as our state rolled back protections for our children’s health and the health of our waterways. I outlined the gap between the demand for skilled workers from the tech industry and the lack of technical educational opportunities. I knew we needed better policymakers but wondered WHO would step up to make that change?

I understood that women don’t expect a red carpet, other than in Hollywood. They are determined and do not shy away from hard work when they want change. And with inspiration and empowerment from other like-minded women, we know how to rally in order to leverage each of our talents and networks for the greater good.

I realized that with a little guidance, I could BE THE CHANGE! Ruth’s List gave me the professional foundation to build my confidence in the political arena. It didn’t matter that I had zero political campaign experience. My candidacy was legitimate because of the assistance, mentoring, and endorsement that Ruth’s List provided. The day after I lost the race in 2016, I knew that I would be unbeatable in 2018 because of everything I had learned.

I filed to run again, and Ruth’s List continued to support me. I went on to not only win this second bid, but I flipped a red seat blue! I really was the CHANGE!

But my proudest moment? — Working with the other newly elected women of Ruth’s List in our state legislature this past session.

This experience was truly rewarding. We are such a diverse group of women who all bring unique perspectives and ideas to the table. But we all recognize each other’s individual strengths. We encourage each other. We work as a team. We are proud, hopeful, and exponentially stronger together through Ruth’s List, as a coordinated group! And yes, WE ARE THE CHANGE!

But Florida still needs more like us! We need more pro-choice Democratic women to be the change!

Please help Ruth’s List identify, recruit, train, and mentor other progressive women like me who want to make a difference in their Florida communities. Leave the negativity behind and focus on powerful, positive political movements like Ruth’s List right here in our own state. Women Winning With RLF!

Donate here to help other women BE THE CHANGE!

Thank you from me, future candidates, and fellow legislators.
And thank you to Ruth’s List for doing what you do — what no other organization in Florida does!

Representative Jennifer Webb

Ruth’s List is dedicated to building a progressive Florida by recruiting and assisting pro-choice Democratic women to successfully run for public office. We’re counting on your support to keep up our work. Will you make a grassroots contribution right now?