Message from Sen. Arthenia Joyner

Ruth's List

July 9—

My father always told me, “to whom much is given, much is required.”

And while I had to fight my way to be the first African-American woman ever to hold my Senate seat, the first black woman to practice law in Hillsborough County, and one of the few women to head the National Bar Association — I want to make it a little easier and pave the way for the next generation.

That’s why I’m so proud to work with Ruth’s List to be the change and give the women across the state the chance to lead.

There are women all across the state just itching to get out and run — but they need our support.

Ruth’s List cannot train and support the next generation of leaders without the dedicated support of grassroots activists like you.

That’s why I’m asking: Can YOU pitch in and become a member of Ruth’s List right now?

Every dollar you give goes directly towards training and supporting Democratic women who will fight for our rights, our schools, and our health care. And they absolutely can not do it without you. #ShesTheChange… because YOU’RE the change.

We Need To Win This.

— Sen. Arthenia Joyner

Ruth’s List is dedicated to building a progressive Florida by recruiting and assisting pro-choice Democratic women to successfully run for public office. We’re counting on your support to keep up our work. Will you make a grassroots contribution right now?