Former Planned Parenthood CEO Joins Ruth’s List Florida Leadership

Tampa, July 9 —

Barbara Zdravecky
Barbara Zdravecky

Ruth’s List Florida (RLF) announced today the addition of Barbara Zdravecky to its Executive Board of Directors.  RLF is the only organization in Florida whose mission is to identify, recruit, train, mentor and help get elected pro-choice Democratic women to all levels of state government including school board, city and county commissions, State House and Senate, Cabinet and Gubernatorial.


Zdravecky retired in 2018 after 24 years as Planned Parenthood’s leader in Southwest and Central Florida.


“I’m thrilled to continue working on my lifelong mission of supporting women’s rights and mentoring other women into leadership positions,” said Ms. Zdravecky.  “I believe more women belong at the table where policy is made and the protection of rights for all is mandatory.”


“We are honored to add Barbara to our growing leadership team at RLF.  She brings priceless resources including wisdom, motivation and proven accomplishments that have advanced the rights of Floridians for over two decades,” said Pamela Goodman, RLF President/CEO.  “Her star shines bright and will continue to be a guiding light in our rapidly growing and successful organization.”


Ruth’s List Florida claimed historical victories in 2018 with 59 newly elected women and 21 seats flipped from Republican to Democrat.  The organization is currently working with over 100 women planning to run for office in 2020 and continues to build strong grassroots support while growing its membership across Florida.

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