Will you sit back and let it happen here?


Ruth's List


Ruth’s List poses one issue question to our candidates: “Are you pro-choice?”

That may sound simple, but it’s because we know conservatives and right-wing extremists have been targeting this fundamental right for women since the day we were founded.

Now, as we see devastating attacks on abortion rights in Georgia and now in Alabama this is more important than ever. We must elect pro-choice women to elected office in Florida at every level of government to ensure that when extremists try to attack us here, we have a pro-choice majority to stand up and shout, “NO.”

This is our goal, it’s what we were founded to do, and damned if we’re going to stop now. Please, rush a contribution of as much as you can so we can take on the extremists in Florida who want to end a woman’s right to safe and legal abortion and elect more pro-choice women.


You don’t have to look to closely to see many of our state’s leaders look like those in Georgia and Alabama — and we know they are already launching the same attacks here. Every session they propose more and more extremist bills.

And the people who fund these anti-choice legislators are millionaires and billionaires who can write big checks. We don’t count on them — we’re counting on grassroots donors like you.

Please, don’t sit back in this important moment. Rush an urgent contribution to elect more pro-choice women now.

Pamela Goodman
Ruth’s List

Ruth’s List is dedicated to building a progressive Florida by recruiting and assisting pro-choice Democratic women to successfully run for public office. We’re counting on your support to keep up our work. Will you make a grassroots contribution right now?



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