The Wage Gap is one of the Worst April Fools Joke

The wage gap is one of the worst April Fools jokes played on women every year all across the country. What is frustrating is that the joke doesn’t end when the day is over.

April 2, 2019, represents the three additional months women have to work in order to earn what the average white male has earned by the end of 2018.

This date doesn’t even address the wage disparity for women of color. For black women, that day doesn’t come until August. For Latinas it’s in November.

How do we change this? By electing more progressive women and more women of color to represent 52% of the state’s population.

Strong dynamic women like Representative Dotie Joseph, Representative Margaret Good and Minority Leader Audrey Gibson have introduced bills in the Florida Legislature to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment which will tackle the wage gap.

Ruth’s List is the only organization in the state that identifies, recruits, trains, mentors, and elects progressive women at all levels of government!

In 2018 alone we helped elect 59 women, 44% of them women of color, and 21 of them flipped seats from red-to-blue.

As 2020 looms around the corner, we cannot slow down. We must ramp up our recruitment efforts, train as many women as possible, and get them elected. P.S. we do it for free!

Become a member today to ensure our 2020 candidates have the fuel they need to win!

It is time to tell the good ol’ boys club that the joke is over.


#ShesTheChange because you’re the change.

Pam Goodman
President & CEO, Ruth’s List FL