From Pam Goodman: Frustrated with today’s news? Then dial down CNN!

March 25—
Let’s get real… all politics really are local.  While many of us are concentrating on Trump tweets and trolls, our Florida government is currently making decisions that affect everyday Floridians more.
Our newly elected School Board, City and County Commissions, and State Legislature have their hands full.  They are fighting against the decimation of our public school system that has a legislative sledge hammer busting it down every day.   They are fighting for local government control, not state control.  They are fighting for healthcare for all, women’s reproductive health, the protection of our land and water.  Oh yeah… fracking in the Everglades is still an option. Seriously? And, this is no walk in one of our beautiful state parks…it is an uphill hike and battle.
The effect of more school shootings are  continuing a tragic effect on our children today.  Can we shed more tears for the additional two young lives lost  this past week?
And…How about our voice as the people to pass Amendment 4 and the blatant act of our Republican Legislators to ignore our demands to restore voting rights to over 1 million disenfranchised former felon voters who have paid their dues to society? Easy definition: Voter Suppression.
THIS is what’s real in Florida!  This is what needs the change.  This is what we need to be aware of, pay real attention to and speak up! Our newly elected women are doing this  every day. It’s why they ran. It’s why THEY won.
They are the change.
She’s the change.
It is what Ruth’s List does. We recruit, mentor, and get elected pro-choice progressive women… and we do it free of charge! To get them started on this path to a powerful voice.
Our winning records includes 59 women who got elected during the 2018 election cycle. 21 of them flipped red seats to blue. That is double of what we accomplished in 2016.
This year, we have expanded our recruitment and training efforts.
Let us help these dynamic women find their path to victory and give them a seat at the table to pass positive policies for our state.
Help US help them find their path to victory and a seat at the decision making table of GOOD policy for our state.
Turn your frustration into ACTION! Help change the voice of Florida with HER voice!


Changing the world with you,

Pam Goodman
President/CEO, Ruth’s List FL