Open Letter To RL Winners: Our Own Thanksgiving is NO Turkey

Dear Newly Elected Women,

Thank you.
For being the best and the brightest ☀
For fighting hard. 👊
For having that extra thick skin.
For putting on heels when your feet killed you. 👠
For the lipstick and blowouts.💄
For giving up months of your personal life.
For not saying “f&!? you” all the times you wanted to. 🤬
For being a badass in your own way.
And for winning. 💪
We thank you, Honorable.
For winning.
And making history.
We may not be able to tally votes, but we know how to elect progressive women to office.
57 wins this election-cycle. 🎉
And this is only the beginning.
If you are feeling thankful and generous, donate anything you can here.
Here we come 2019 and 2020,

Pamela Goodman
President/CEO, Ruth’s List FL


Commissioner Nikki Fried
Commissioner of Agriculture
Senate Minority Leader Audrey Gibson
District 6: Duval
State Senator-Elect Janet Cruz
District 18: Hillsborough
State Senator Lori Berman
District 31: Palm Beach
State Senator Lauren Book
District 32: Broward
State Senator Annette Taddeo
District 40: Miami-Dade
State Representative Loranne Ausley
District 9: Leon
State Representative Tracie Davis
District 13: Duval
State Representative-Elect Joy Goff-Marcil
District 30: Orange
State Representative-Elect Geraldine Thompson
District 44: Orange
State Representative-Elect Anna Eskamani
District 47: Orange
State Representative Amy Mercado
District 48: Orange
State Representative-Elect Fentrice Driskell
District 63: Hillsborough
State Representative-Elect Jennifer Webb
District 69: Pinellas
State Representative Margaret Good
District 72: Sarasota
State Representative-Elect Tina Polsky
District 81: Palm Beach
State Representative-Elect Delores Johnson
District 84: St. Lucie
State Representative Emily Slosberg 
District 91: Palm Beach
State Representative Kristin Jacobs
District 96: Broward
State Representative-Elect Cindy Polo
District 103: Miami-Dade
State Representative Barbara Watson
District 107: Miami-Dade
State Representative-Elect Dotie Joseph
District 108: Miami-Dade
County Commissioner Marihelen Wheeler
Alachua County #2
County Commissioner Mayra Uribe
Orange County # 3
County Commissioner Barbara Girtman
Volusia County #1
County Commissioner Viviana Janer
Osceola County #2
County Commissioner Pat Gerard
Pinellas County #2
County Commissioner Mariella Smith
Hillsborough County #5
County Commissioner Kimberly Overman
Hillsborough County #7
County Commissioner Eileen Higgins
Miami-Dade County #5
County Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava
Miami-Dade County #8
County Commissioner Melissa McKinlay
Palm Beach County #6
School Board Member Tina Certain
Alachua County Schol Board #1
School Board Member Alva Striplin
Leon County School Board #1
School Board Member Karen Castor Dentel
Orange County School Board #6
School Board Member Johanna Lopez
Orange County School Board #2
School Board Member Kristine Kraus
Seminole County School Board #1
School Board Member Nicole Carr
Pinellas County School Board #3
School Board Member Rene Flowers
Pinellas County School Board #7
School Board Member Shirley Brown
Sarasota County School Board #4
School Board Member Debra Robinson
Palm Beach County School Board #7
Councilwoman Crissy Stile
Mt. Dora City Council
Councilwoman Katie Abbott
Pinecrest Village Council #4
City Commissioner Barbara Kramer
North Miami Beach City Commission #6
Councilwoman Mary Lou Hoover
Key West City Council #5
City Commissioner Jane Bolin
Oakland Park City Commission
City Commissioner Lauren Odman
Dania Beach City Commission
Mayor Teri Johnston
Key West