The Honorable Paula Dockery Endorses Nikki Fried

It’s my pleasure to enthusiastically support Nikki Fried for Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

This important position is one of four that makes up the Florida Cabinet, but is one that often gets overlooked.  

The decisions of these four individuals—the Governor and three cabinet officials—have a profound impact on the lives of Floridians. 

The candidates seeking these elected jobs should demonstrate character, enthusiasm, knowledge, dedication, a strong work ethic and a positive vision for our great state. While I am just getting to know Nikki, she has impressed me as an outstanding candidate and a strong and independent personality capable of moving the state in a more ethical and positive direction.

Nikki listens to voters of all parties and she put forth a platform that highlights the issues Florida voters care about. She also has prioritized the issues I fought for during my sixteen years in the Florida House and Senate—protecting our natural resources, clean water, criminal justice reform, protecting consumers, the integrity of our election process and treating all Floridians with dignity and respect.

While I haven’t known Nikki long, I am familiar with her opponent whom I served with in the Legislature. 

Nikki Fried for Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

When Florida voters overwhelmingly supported Amendment One directing the Governor and Legislature to fund land acquisition and water resource protection at a level determined by an already existing revenue source—it was ignored.  It continues to be ignored by Governor Scott and Nikki’s opponent– even after losing a court case over their inaction.

The same is true with the constitutional amendment on medical marijuana that passed a few years ago but still hasn’t been properly implemented. Voters are tired of being ignored.

Nikki believes—and I do too—that when the voters have spoken, elected officials need to act.  Nikki is a fighter and I have no doubt that she will implement the directives the voters put in our constitution unlike those– like her opponent– who disregarded the voters with mere lip service.

I’m tired of being lied to by those who think special interest money can buy them an election.
I want a fighter for the people. That’s why I am enthusiastically supporting Nikki Fried and urge other Florida voters to do the same.


Paula Dockery

Florida House 1996-2002

Florida Senate 2002-2012

For more information, check out Nikki Fried’s homepage.