Reacting To Supreme Court Judge Decision

In 2016, we were outraged, disgusted, sad and fearful.

Then we became determined and motivated.

3 million of us marched for our daughters, granddaughters, mothers, and sisters. We marched for those women who couldn’t speak up for fear of retaliation.

We stepped up and ran for office and we built sisterhood to help us get to the finish line.

Today, with Brett Kavanaugh getting the votes he needed to go to the U.S. Supreme court we feel anger and disgust again.

But in 32 days we can do something about it. We march again. Straight to the ballot box.

Help elect our women this year. Be the change.   And get every woman you know to do the same.  It’s on our shoulders.
And step up for 2020.
Don’t get mad. Get even.