Ruth’s List Florida supports women candidates ready to make a change in Tallahassee


A wave of women arose in outrage, and Ruth’s List Florida went to work

TAMPA, Fl (September 26, 2018) Two years ago, 60 Democratic women ran for office in Florida. This year that number increased nearly fourfold, to 235, most of them fueled by outrage at the 2016 election results. Women decided it was time for change, so they organized their outrage, came together in a historic march, formed movements like “#Me Too” and “#Believe Survivors,” met in living rooms, and demonstrated on street corners. And they decided to run for office, in order to change the status quo and reverse the damage done by 20 years of Republican leadership in Florida.

“Women are fired up this cycle,” said Pamela Goodman CEO/President of Ruth’s List Florida, the only organization in the state to provide free structural support to pro-choice Democratic candidates. The outrage that began as a reaction to the election has grown to encompass a wide range of issues that affect women and their families. These issues, all of which can be laid at the feet of the Republicans, include:

  • The diminishing quality of public education
  • The lack of access to affordable healthcare
  • The attack on women’s choice
  • The blatant dismissal of environmental issues
  • The total inability or unwillingness of the Republican-dominated state government to correct lax gun laws

A wave of purposeful, powerful and dynamic Democratic women are running for office based on these issues, determined to change Tallahassee’s power structure.

In response, Ruth’s List Florida stepped up its efforts to help women run successful campaigns. Going into the general election, Ruth’s List Florida has endorsed more than 40 progressive women in their run for office.

The group has produced two new videos. One shows the diversity of these candidates. (See video Some Fabulous Candidates) The other highlights the issues that concern each of them, and the variety of offices they seek and Ruth’s List history. (See video Who We Are).

The August 28th primary made it clear that voters and candidates are ready for change in Tallahassee. Of the more than 30 women Ruth’s List Florida endorsed in the primary, 28 won their races, joining a record number of women winning up and down the ballot all across the state.

“Floridians are ready to fight for a clean environment, a fully funded public education system and the health care we all deserve,” Goodman said. “These women candidates will be elected, with our efforts making significant contributions in the fall, and a new day will dawn in Florida”

The organization, founded in 2008 to support pro-choice, Democratic women, and supported by EMILY’s List, and by top Democratic women leaders in Florida, offers access to networks, campaign training and staff training. Since its founding, Ruth’s List Florida has raised more than $5 million for candidates, trained 1,800 women in how to run and manage a successful campaign, and, most importantly, has helped achieve 90 victories. “We’re doing this so everyone in Florida can benefit from the open-minded, productive contributions women make in office,” Goodman said.

“We have invested years recruiting and training Democratic pro-choice women to seek and serve in local office. We are building the bench of the next generation of leaders in Florida,” she said.

The group is named for Ruth Bryan Owen, the first woman elected to Congress from the South. A widowed single mom with four children, Ruth ran for office in 1928, representing a district stretching from Jacksonville to Key West. She drove the entire district, reaching out to prospective voters, many of them women who had never voted before. She won.

The full list of currently endorsed candidates may be reviewed at

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