Are you on the edge of your seat?

You should be!
Ruth’s List FL has endorsed 37 powerhouse women on the ballot in November.
They are running up and down the ballot and will be the CHANGE that Florida needs! 
Are you ready to meet them?
Find out more about them by visiting our candidate pages.
 Candidate:  Seat:
Nikki Fried Commissioner of Agriculture
Janet Cruz SD 18- Tampa region
Annette Taddeo SD 40- Miami-Dade
Kayser Enneking SD 8- Gainesville
Lindsay Cross SD 24- Pinellas
Amanda Murphy SD 16- Pasco
Cindy Polo HD 103- Miami-Dade
Sara McFadden HD 106- Naples
Dotie Joseph HD 108- Miami-Dade
Tracye Polson HD 15- Jacksonville
Tracey Kagan HD 29- Seminole
Joy Goff-Marcil HD 30- Orange/Seminole
Dr. Linda Jack HD 36- Pasco
Geraldine Thompson HD 44- Orange
Barbara Cady HD 42- Kissimmee
Anna Eskamani HD 47- Orange
Amy Mercado HD 48- Orange
Fentrice Driskell HD 63- Tampa
Jennifer Webb HD 69- Pinellas
Margaret Good HD 72- Sarasota
Emma Collum HD 93- Broward
Mia Jones Duval County Tax Collector
Marihelen Wheeler Alachua County Commission #2
Mariella Smith Hillsborough County Commission #5
Kimberly Overman Hillsborough County Commission #7
Patricia Rumph Orange County Commission #2
Viviana Janer Osceola County Commission #2
Barbara Girtman Volusia County Council #1
Nicole Carr Pinellas County School Board #3
Kristine Kraus Seminole County School Board #1
Johanna Lopez Orange County School Board #2
Alva Striplin Leon County School Board
Teri Johnston Key West Mayor
Jane Bolin Oakland Park City Commission at large
Pasha Baker Sanford Mayor
Crissy Stile Mt. Dora City Commission
Katie Abbott Pinecrest City Council #4
Standing with you,
Pamela Goodman, President/CEO
Ruth’s List F