Midterms Are Just Around The Corner.

The November midterms are officially around the corner.
While we saw some disappointing defeats, Ruth’s List FL had an historic night. 28 of our endorsed women won their election on Tuesday. 
Below is our take on the what happened Tuesday night and how we move forward.
  • Over 1.4 million Democrats voted in the General election, with the majority of them being women. This was instrumental in our down-ballot races, where many of our women were competing against well funded male opponents. Races that stand out are Dotie Joseph in House District 108 and Joy Goff-Marcil in House District 30.
  • Ruth’s List was vital in vote-by-mail returns and early vote turnout in 37 primary races. We made over 325,000 calls to turn out the vote. Women were the highest voting block for Democrats on Tuesday.
  • Over 50% of the Ruth’s List races won were down-ballot races. These women are the future of the Democratic Party. They are our bench! Races that stand out are Mariella Smith for Hillsborough County Commission and Karen Castor Dentel for Orange County School Board
  • 46% of the women who won their races on Tuesday were women of color. This is huge! These ladies had an incredible field program that helped push them over the finish line. Races that stand out are Cindy Polo for House District 103, Johanna Lopez for Orange County School Board, and Patricia Rumpf for Orange County Commission, where they knocked on thousands more doors than their opponents.

Ruth’s List is the only organization in the state that provides support for pro-choice Democratic women. We are a 24/7 concierge service that helps them build a campaign plan, network, and win!

We cannot do this without you. I understand that the primary may have left us a little tired and with some sticker shock.

But we cannot win in November without doubling down.
Please consider an investment in Ruth’s List.
An investment in us is an investment in the future leadership of our party. 
With your help, we will win this November!

Pamela S. Goodman
Ruth’s List Florida