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Who We Are

Ruth’s List helps pro-choice, Democratic women win.

Inspired and supported by EMILY’s List and top Democratic women leaders in Florida, Ruth’s List was founded in April 2008.

We are dedicated to building a progressive Florida by recruiting Democratic women and helping them win elections to key state and local positions around Florida.

We accomplish this with training, campaign assistance, fundraising, and a network of members giving their skills, time, and finances to help women win.

And we have a winning record:

    • In 2010, every one of our endorsed candidates won her primary.
    • In 2011, we endorsed and helped elect three Tampa City Councilwomen, taking back two seats held by Republicans.
    • In 2012, Ruth’s List retained our incumbent, progressive, Democratic women in the Legislature and won 5 new seats for a total of 20 victories in 3 years
    • In 2013, we won four out of four races: three city council races and a special election turning a State House seat blue.
    • In 2014, Ruth’s List has added another 15 victories, including a hard-fought Miami-Dade County Commission race that was held by a Republican incumbent, two Sarasota City Commission races in which Ruth’s List women beat Republican incumbents and we helped turn a Jacksonville City Council seat blue after eight years of Republican leadership.
    • In 2016, we won 26 races at all levels, including a Hillsborough County Commission and flipping a State House seat red to blue.
    • In 2018, we broke all records. We doubled our history’s victories by adding more wins. During this cycle, Ruth’s List had 61 wins, including three special elections. Ruth’s List worked with 235 women compared to just 60 in 2016. More importantly, about those victories, 21 seats were  flipped from red to blue! We helped elect the first statewide cabinet position held by a Democrat since 2012. We flipped one additional Senate seat and six additional House seats.
    • Currently we are engaged with over 220 candidates across Florida in order to build a bench of powerhouse women that will fight for public education, the environment, and women’s rights.

Since 2008, we have raised $5,000,000, elected 143 women to state and local office, trained more than 2,100 women, and in 2018 helped flip 21 seats from red to blue with 40 percent of those victories won by women of color. Ruth’s List has been working, building a solid bench for the future.


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