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You Should Run Workshops

Ruth’s List Florida’s You Should Run workshop is a casual introduction for women considering pivoting to public service. In this workshop, we discuss the participant’s passions and identifying what level office best fits their personal passions, what level of office hits best in their lives, how to identify a winnable seat, and how to start preparing for a future run. We feature a guest speaker at each workshop, an elected Democratic woman, to give their inspiring first-hand experience of what to expect when running for office and serving your community.

Candidate 101 Trainings

Candidate 101 Trainings are the all you need to know training on how to run for office. We cover the nuts and bolts of running for office which includes – creating your campaign budget, developing your message, field and targeting, paid communication, earned communication, and the basics of fundraising.

Finance Trainings

Finance Trainings focus completely on raising the money necessary to win. This training consists of a deep dive into organizing your database, finding traditional Democratic donors in candidate’s district, perfecting the solicitation, and best practices around organizing fundraising events and online fundraising.

Rollout Trainings

The Rollout Training will be an online training that teaches candidates how to announce their candidacy flawlessly. The training will cover opening a campaign bank account, preparing a splash page for online contributions, writing a press release, preparing your kickoff event and so much more.

Ruth’s List Florida Staff Academy

The Ruth’s List Florida Staff Academy is designed to take Florida’s brightest political scientist graduates and put them on a path of success as campaign operatives. This two-day training offers everything a campaign staffer needs to know about running a top-notch operation. The Academy includes a simulation where participants have to work together to develop a campaign budget, fundraising plan, communication plan and field plan. We then match top participants to our targeted races across Florida.

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