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Become a Ruth’s List Member.

To commemorate the 100th Anniversary granting American women the right to vote, we have initiated an opportunity to support our mission with a financial gift of $100 or greater per calendar year. Each member will be acknowledged by the organization and will be included in members only correspondence, special events and more.

Ruth’s List Members understand the importance of our mission to identify, recruit, train, mentor and elect Democratic pro-choice women to all levels of office in Florida.

Our promise to you:

Your Ruth’s List Florida membership is an investment in leadership. In women. In Florida.

We are in the middle of a movement at a pivotal time in our country’s history.  More than ever, women are consistently making history all across the US. Our newly elected women are doctors, lawyers, activists, teachers, veterans, moms and millennials.

These women are as dynamic and diverse as the districts they represent. Many who had never run before stood up for their communities and won.

While we celebrate each victory and the progress it represents, our work is far from done.

Currently, Democratic women hold only 18 percent of elected office in Florida, yet, we are 51 percent of the population. This is not acceptable. To change these numbers, we must invest in our future, one way to do this is an annual membership to Ruth’s List Florida.

How we are different:

Ruth’s List is the only organization in Florida providing the gold standard in education, support, training and tools to any pro-choice democratic woman who is willing to stand up for their neighbors and run for office. We do it for hundreds of women each year, thousands of volunteers and countless engaged citizens, absolutely free of charge. Because we believe every woman with the drive to create a more equitable Florida deserves access to the very best resources. With your support we can serve more women. With your support we can elect more women.

Support our mission here.

You can also join Ruth’s List with a recurring monthly payment of $8.34 or greater to meet your $100 membership threshold and help elect more progressive women in Florida.

Join via the payment plan here.


Invest in Ruth’s List vision and JOIN TODAY. 



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