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What People Say About The Conference

My favorite part was really the opportunity for unstructured connections with strong, smart, powerful women who are on the same page about a plan that is bigger than any one of us.  Erin Aebel, Tampa

My greatest take away from the wonderful conferences I’ve attended has been the networking with such wonderful women who have inspired me to keep going.  Marti Kara, SWAT Team Leader, Brevard County

It is a wonderful opportunity to connect and reconnect with women from all over the state who share the same values. It’s so inspiring to meet and hear the up and coming elected women that I wouldn’t have the chance to know without this gathering at the statewide conference.  The Honorable Alex Sink, RLFL Founder

What I have loved most about Ruth’s List conference is how inspiring it is to hear from our leaders, both newly elected and long-time public servants. I first heard from Congresswoman Val Demings at the conference several years ago and was blown away. Last year, after Ruth’s List historic wins in 2018, hearing  our newly-elected women share their testimonials was amazing. The conference is rich with educational trainings, but it’s the stories that keep volunteers like me driven to work  for our local and statewide candidates.  Marika Lynch, Miami
I thought the breakout group trainings were fantastic. It was great to get a chance to hear from electeds and Ruth’s List staffers on the importance of different areas of running a campaign. These are the skills that are so vital to a successful campaign, and many candidates running in down ballot races wouldn’t have access to these trainings if not for Ruth’s List. The kickoff reception was a wonderful opportunity to talk to women from across the state about their work as candidates, electeds, staffers, or volunteers. I met so many amazing women and had the chance to touch base with folks I hadn’t seen since the 2018 election cycle ended. Ruth’s List does such an amazing job empowering, centering, and uplifting women, which perfectly aligns with my goals of seeing more women in all levels of government.  Tess Martin, Central Florida
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