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BALLOT RECOMMENDATIONS: Positions on Amendments

While RL Florida currently has no formal process for positions outside of pro choice, the following are recommended positions that reflect those of Democratic platforms.

RL Florida believes that all of these amendments are not equal in the damage or good that they can do.

Amendment #1   NO

Increases the Homestead Tax Exemption that could result in a cut in local services

Amendment #2   NO

Retains the current cap of 10% annual increase for Non-Homesteaded Properties

Amendment #3   NO

Requires a citizen initiative to approve future casino gambling in Florida

Amendment #4   YES

Repairs Florida’s broken electoral system that currently exclude 1.5 million Florida citizens from voting.

We strongly prioritize a YES vote on Amendment 4 

Amendment #5   NO

Would require a supermajority (2/3) vote in the State Legislature to impose or raise state taxes or fees, potentially resulting in a cut-back in services.

Revision #6    NO

Misleadingly deals with crime victims’ rights, mandatory retirement age of judges, interpretation of laws by judges

Revision #7    NO

Bundles together unnecessary, unrelated issues on the State College System, voting by the University Board of Trustees, survivor benefits for responder and military survivors

Revision #8    NO

Permits the Legislature to create a parallel system of charter schools without any oversight by local school boards, establishes School Board term limits, civic literacy.

We strongly prioritize a NO vote on Amendment 8. 

Revision #9   YES

Prohibits oil drilling beneath Florida’s state-controlled waters and prohibits use of e-cigarettes (vaping) in indoor workplaces

Revision #10   NO

Limits home-rule and contains two additional unnecessary and redundant changes

Revision #11  YES

Repeals obsolete provisions or deletes language in the Constitution that is no longer being enforced.

Revision #12   NO

Deals with lobbying and abuse of office by public officers

Revision #13   NO

Ends commercial dog racing involving wagering.

Pamela Goodman
Executive Director
Ruth’s List Florida
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